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Geef uw onderneming een enorme boost en zorg voor meer bezoekers op uw website! Laat ons uw webplan maken voor een gestructureerde aanpak van uw virtuele zaken.

Een website in de horecastad van het heuvelland vraagt een speciale aanpak van uw webdesigner. Waar wilt u gevonden worden? Zijn uw websitebezoekers lokaal of uit het noorden van Nederland? Hoe kom ik bovenaan in de zoekmachines? Allemaal terechte vragen, waar wij graag de oplossing voor bieden. Ga dus niet zitten rommelen met goedkope websites! Webdesign is meer dan alleen wat tekst en foto's op een pagina zetten!

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Web Design Valkenburg

ALLMEDIALAB web design uses a super sleek web plan that gives your company a position in the market that you can control yourself in a handy application, resulting in more conversion and higher turnover.

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Digital & Transformation

Contemporary technology

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Search Engine Optimization

  • 100% control over your website's daily results!
  • Website visitors find you without brand awareness? Yes, that's possible!
  • Your website will pay for itself many times over!
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Have a website made in Valkenburg?

Are you looking for a reliable marketing partner in Valkenburg to support your company? We think along with you about the steps that are important for your position and presentation on the web.

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PDM Hydraulics

PDM Hydraulics is a South Limburg company that specializes in hydraulics of large production machines in industry. PDM works worldwide and is a player at the top.

The website of PDM Hydraulics in Eygelshoven Kerkrade South Limburg created by AllMediaLab web design

Voer Region Belgium

A visitors center for the Belgian Voer region including tourist information and a shop with local products. All this in collaboration with the Flemish government under the slogan: "Vlaanderen is toerisme".

The website of the tourist information center in the Voerstreek Limburgs Belgium created by AllMediaLab web design


At the beginning of 2020, Steven and Jenny Heusschen-Loozen took over the operation of Sjef Diederen's fruit & vegetable shop and continued with the business for the first period under the same name and with at least as much passion.

The website of vegetables, fruit and more Heusschen-Loozen in Margraten South Limburg created by AllMediaLab web design

Athene Gulpen

The tastiest Greek in Limburg is in Gulpen and is called Athene. it is a modern establishment with authentic Greek food without fuss and for a reasonable price. In summer there is even a Mediterranean terrace at the rear.

The website of Greek restaurant Athene in Gulpen South Limburg, created by AllMediaLab web design

Semi government

The 360zuid foundation from Maastricht, in collaboration with the municipality of Maastricht, provides innovative solutions and ideas for problems in the various neighbourhoods of the city of Maastricht. For example the new poverty policy.

The website of the 360zuid foundation in Maastricht, created by AllMediaLab web design

Plus Punt

An accessible administration office close to Maastricht for accurate administration of your administration and free parking spaces in front of the door.

The website of Plus Punt administrations in Berg en Terblijt South Limburg, created by AllMediaLab web design

Dwaze Herder Deal

A kind of Social Deal from De Dwaze Herder in Maastricht with various nice culinary offers. A reservation system has also been implemented for online reservations.

The website of the Dwaze Herder Deal in Maastricht, created by AllMediaLab web design


Are you looking for a reliable virtual partner in Valkenburg to support your company? We think along with you about the steps that are important for your position and presentation on the web.

Perfect Website

A website in Valkenburg based on our own framework with Bootstrap and Ajaxify, always up to date and super fast. Our websites are equipped with an advanced loading system that ensures faster loading of the website pages.

Our Services

Our company's service means paying attention to your website every day, clear communication and solving a problem immediately. Our support is always tailor-made and adapted to the person behind the customer in Valkenburg and elsewhere.

Search Engines

It is of course nice that visitors can find your website in Klimmen, Ransdaal, Sibbe, Scheulder, but it is also very important that the website is found in other locations then yours, such as Sittard, Heerlen, Kerkrade, Maastricht or Amsterdam.

Web Mail

We create your email design for a professional presentation of your company to your guests or customers. A nice email from your company gives greater added value to your product or service in Valkenburg and surrounding locations.


Of course, a website should not only load quickly in Valkenburg, but everywhere. Our fast servers are therefore in a prime location! The so-called response time is very good in Parkstad and this is important for your impatient website visitors.

Social media

Social media is of course very important in the music city of Limburg and is linked to your website for better conversion. Better conversion means that your web pages are visited more, through special actions in social media.


It is very important for your company in Valkenburg that the website is always up to date and without annoying errors. Maintaining your site is part of our famous web plan and ensures perfect functioning of the website.

Target audience

In our famous web plan, your target group is a very important component and we make a great effort to determine it together with you. This results in higher numbers of visitors to your website including a higher turnover and larger profits.

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