AllMediaLab web design studio in Voeren Belgium
Female web designer from AllMediaLab web design

Web Design

After visiting your company, we will start working on your website after approval of the quotation. There will be a few more interim meetings to discuss the result and if everything is to your satisfaction, we will go online with the website.

The technique

We create your website based on our self-developed framework, consisting of Bootstrap, Ajaxify and Lazy-Sizes. For the techies among you, from June 2021 our websites will only be created based on pure JavaScript and absolutely without jQuery. All this means significantly less unnecessary code and a super fast website.

Web design

We are a small dynamic web design agency from Teuven in Belgian Limburg with assignments in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Spain. Our company specializes in creating modern, fast websites. If you are looking for a partner for your virtual business in this province, make an appointment with us for a free consultation. Creating a website is not as easy as is often thought. Web design is an entire process with multiple steps in which we involve our customers from day one. This professional approach results in more targeted website visits, better brand awareness and increased turnover. We also have experience with large projects for semi-government and government in the Netherlands and Belgium. Multilingual websites are also no problem. Do you take into account the extra costs for the translation agency's translations and the extra time this will take?


Web design is both a technical and creative process. The typography and placement of photos are not like in a PDF or Word document. It is therefore wise to leave the design to us and rely on our expertise. This way you get a consistent website in terms of design, technology and user-friendliness.


In principle, the client must take care of the content himself. By content we mean: logo, text, photos, videos, music, sound, animations. Of course, we can also provide the content in a professional manner (at an additional cost). Any text can be created by an external copywriter and will be paid directly to the copywriting agency.


"Cheap or so-called free websites? Don't do it! Web design is a craft and requires a thorough 5-year education and constant training for a truly professional result."