AllMediaLab Design email in a code editor.
Man with a beard is creating an email design behind a monitor at AllMediaLab web design

E-mail Design

Designing an email is a profession in itself. We therefore use the well-known and fully tested Pine and Acorn email framework, so that you can expect emails that work smoothly on all email clients.

The technique

The technology behind a so-called HTML email is a kind of primitive web page that works with PHP, HTML and JavaScript. By means of the code we use, we can automatically personalize the emails, i.e. provide personal details such as name, date and everything that is important in the email. This strengthens communication between your company and the users of the website.

Email Campaigns

We can also provide email campaigns, but we would like to point out that these fall within the privacy legislation of the European Union. This means that you must meet a number of very strict conditions to avoid high fines. We have an automatic bulk mail system with personal details in every email. We would be happy to inform you about this during a personal conversation.

Do It Yourself

Naturally, it is also possible to carry out the email campaign yourself with a service such as Mailchimp. It is still advisable to have us design the emails, so that you come up with something original and professional for your guests or customers!


A newsletter makes communication with your guests or customers much easier. The European privacy rules also apply here and users must have given permission to receive such an email. We keep a clear overview of how your customer and guest base responds to your messages. The e-mail file system automatically keeps track of whether there are new subscriptions or unsubscriptions to the newsletter.

Content E-mail

In principle, the client must take care of the content himself. By content we mean: logo, text, photos, videos, music, sound, animations. Of course, we can also provide the content in a professional manner (at an additional cost). Any text can be created by an external copywriter and will be paid directly to the copywriting agency.


"So-called cheap email services often do not offer cross email client quality, resulting in annoyance among your guests or customers."